excellence in education

The St. Paul Lutheran Church and School community has dedicated our Christian school to providing students with a meaningful and comprehensive education that will give them a future filled with opportunity. We desire that our students are given opportunities to find their individual interests in a learning-rich environment.

St. Paul is a private school that meets or exceeds grade level standards and students have very high test scores. With small class sizes, St. Paul is able to develop an academically well-rounded student with activities such as art, music, Spanish, and P.E.  In addition, weekly volunteers work one-on-one with students which greatly helps to meet students' needs as well as contributing to high test scores.

St. Paul educators are committed to encouraging and building up students. They do a great job helping students rise up to their expectations. The teachers also work hard to incorporate the religion curriculum in a way that students can apply it to their lives.


All of our elementary classroom teachers have a current Oregon Teaching Certificate issued by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). 

  • Elementary Curriculum includes Spanish, music, art, physical education, science, social studies, math, and language arts.
  • Complete and certified curriculum
  • Smart board technology in every classroom
  • Teaching to a variety of learning styles and interests
  • Off-campus P.E.: swimming, gymnastics, tennis, and non-contact martial arts
  • Field trips throughout the county and state
  • Large Library & Computer Lab
  • Low teacher/student ratios allow for individualized attention (average class size of 14)

Saint Paul uses the statewide DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literary Skills) and Iowa Basic Skills assessments. Oregon Academic Content Standards in social studies, health, physical education, and the arts also drive our instruction and assessment.

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preschool & child care

Our preschool and pre-kindergarten teachers and child care staff are committed to continuing education and enrollment in the Oregon Registry program. Through classes and seminars they are increasing their skills and knowledge and applying that information to their teaching assignments.  

Our preschool and pre-kindergarten uses developmentally appropriate practices and an intentionally designed center based curriculum. This includes a combination of play-based experiences with teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Theory and research shows there is a direct relationship between active social play and early language and literacy development which is what drives the content of the curriculum in our language arts and creative arts classrooms.

St. Paul is participating in the pilot QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System), and has its fourth-star rating. Click here to learn more.

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Elementary curriculum

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Phonics: Primary Phonics Series, 2001

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Math: Harcourt, 2007

Handwriting: D'Nealian

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