Who we are

In 1969, our Christian school opened in Roseburg, Oregon, with the purpose of educating students to excel in every aspect of life. We are dedicated to equipping each student to attain the highest standards spiritually, scholastically, and socially. Our parents can attest to the level of excellence and spiritual awareness that has made St. Paul Lutheran School the quality academic institution it is today.  We offer:

  • Highly Qualified, State Certified Teachers
  • Preschool classes have 10 students or less
  • Certified, SPARK-rated Child Care 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Safe, Loving, Christian Environment
  • Tuition Assistance Available

our mission

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School is a private, Christian school that is dedicated to each child's wholesome spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social growth in a safe, secure, and loving environment. Our teachers instruct students in the skills and concepts mandated by the state of Oregon. 

Our staff recognizes that they are here to nurture each child's spiritual growth as it is integrated in all other aspects of learning. The Christian faith is implemented in all facets of the educational process. Through the process of education and faith, it is our intent to bring the child into a loving relationship with our Savior, a sharing relationship with peers, and a caring relationship with the community and world. 

Saint Paul is dedicated to developing a spiritual and academic atmosphere that will continually provide growth and stimulation, and a love for reading and lifelong learning.

christian education

Daily Bible study and prayers are integral to Saint Paul's education. Our goal is for children to learn about God and experience God's grace and mercy through Jesus Christ.  We believe that a meaningful education includes an understanding and appreciation of God, His purpose, His character, and His abundant love. Children grow in their faith and knowledge of God as they learn of His love through Bible stories. Children learn to build friendships based on Christ-like kindness, respect, and forgiveness.  

why choose a lutheran school?

The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (headquarters in Missouri) operates the largest, single-denomination, non-Catholic, private, Christian school system in the United States with over 2,000 schools currently. Here are some reasons you should send your child to a Lutheran preschool / pre-kindergarten school.  Lutheran schools:

  • are driven by a commitment to the Gospel and focused on a mission of bringing hope and healing to students and their families. 
  • help to develop a minimum of 30 developmental assets in children, including a commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, constructive use of time, boundaries and expectations, and support. 
  • have educators who model visionary leadership: they build up others and empathize with others. 
  • have educators who model servant leadership. 
  • have educators who model spiritual leadership: they study God's Word, exhibit a passion for ministry, act courageously, equip God's people for service, care for others, demonstrate integrity, and pray.

"Lutheran schools mesh high-quality education with sound theology, providing an environment that accomplishes that which Dr. [Martin] Luther discussed: emphasizing God’s faithfulness and the certainty of His Word, while also being distinctly education-focused and learning-driven. 

"Lutheran schools embody the [Lutheran Church’s] emphasis on life together—that is, joyful fellowship grounded in a common, faithful confession of who Jesus is and what He has done—and they also remind all students of their value and worth on account of Christ, highlighting that which is at the heart and core of what makes Lutheran schools and students unique. 

"Christ’s free gifts of wisdom, thought, effort and inquiry are daily promoted in Lutheran classrooms, hallways and chapels, encouraging thoughtful discussion and rigorous study that find their beginning and end in [Christ] alone."

 - Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison 

President, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod