teachers & staff

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Our teachers and staff are driven by a commitment to the Gospel and focused on a mission of bringing hope and healing to students and their families. They model visionary, servant, and spiritual leadership by studying God's Word, exhibiting a passion for ministry, acting courageously, equipping God's people for service, caring for others, demonstrating integrity, and praying.

administrative staff

  • director of early learning | sherri hu

    Mrs. Hu has held several positions at St. Paul since starting here in 2010. She has worked in child care from the beginning and is now the Child Care Director. Mrs. Hu was also a kindergarten aide for one year and an upstairs Barnabas preschool teacher for two years. She has completed Oregon Registry of Professional Development Level 9 and has an Associates of Art degree in business.

    Mrs. Hu loves watching children discover and learn new things. Her favorite part of teaching at Saint Paul is hearing the kids praise and learn about Jesus.


  • Secretary | valerie weckerle

    Mrs. Weckerle has an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, has completed Oregon Registry of Professional Development Level 9, and has completed two years of student teaching at St. Paul. She has also served as our Child Care Director.

    Mrs. Weckerle loves getting to know each child individually, and is an energetic and welcoming presence in the day-to-day functionings of our school and church.


  • accounts receivable | janet mcveigh

    Mrs. McVeigh manages the tuition accounts at our school. Please contact her by calling the school office or by email if you have any questions about your account.


  • bookkeeper | mike case

    Mr. Case manages the bookkeeping for both our school and our church.   


  • custodian | david young

    Mr. Young does a fantastic job keeping our school property clean and managing our grounds!