Child care staff

Our child care staff are committed to continuing education and enrollment in the Oregon Registry program. Through classes and seminars they are increasing their skills and knowledge and applying that information to their teaching assignments.  

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  • DIRECTOR of early learning | vALERIE WECKERLE

    Mrs. Weckerle has an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, has completed Oregon Registry of Professional Development Level 9, and has completed two years of student teaching at St. Paul. She has also served as our Child Care Director.

    Mrs. Weckerle loves getting to know each child individually, and is an energetic and welcoming presence in the day-to-day functionings of our school and church.

  • Pre-K Teacher | Jennifer galster

    Ms. Galster has earned an Associates Degree for Early Childhood Education from Umpqua Community College and a diploma from Montessori Northwest (Portland) teacher training for children 2.5 to 6 years old.  She has been an assistant teacher for young children as well as fulfilling 480 student teaching hours and she has lead the Crafts program at St. Paul's VBS for eight years.

    Ms. Galster loves seeing children learn and explore and she believes that when they make discoveries on their own it is very inspiring.  Children have such a contagious joy for learning and she is thrilled to watch and support their growth!

  • Pre-K Teacher | KIM STINSON

    Mrs. Stinson has been teaching pre-kindergarten at St. Paul since 1999. She has been coordinating our programs and curriculum since 2009. Through college and community based trainings specializing in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, Mrs. Stinson has earned the equivalent to an Associate Degree in the field. She is at step 9 in the Oregon Registry.

    Mrs. Stinson is passionate about leading students through God's word and seeing them grasp and comprehend the Good News of Jesus for their own life. It never ceases to amaze her how much and how easily children understand their need for Jesus to be their rescuer.