the little blessings

March 7, 2017 | Published by St. Paul School

The Little Blessings preschool class is truly a blessing. Watching the students now enter the 3-year-old world has been a very fun and enjoyable time. Every journey we take is new and exciting to them. I love hearing the students talk about our Lord as a friend who is always with us and will never leave us. When shown the shape of a heart and asked what it is, often the answer is “Where Jesus lives!” We have been learning how to pray by just talking to God as a friend. No problem is ever too big or small for our God. 

Our class has been learning to play together not just beside each other. We are also learning to share and take turns with our friends. I feel great friendships are starting to develop within our group. It brings such joy to watch these new friendships develop. 

So far, nothing is too big of a challenge for our class. We had a great time starting the year with the bike-a-thon. We had so much fun singing on the UCC stage during our Christmas program. We have even sang in front of the entire school when it was our turn to lead chapel. We recently took part in an mannequin challenge where we froze in place next to the oldest students in the school. We participate in every event we can with great joy and enthusiasm.  

Every day we work on our manners. We are learning how to sit at a table in a chair properly and use basic table manners. The students are so polite and can follow directions very well. We also work on our shapes, letters and numbers daily. I cannot be more proud of our little class. The connection I feel with the students and their entire families brings such joy to my heart. The Little Blessings this year have blessed my life more than words can say.

- Grandma Dole (Patti Cook), Little Blessings Preschool Teacher