what's so special about music class?

December 8, 2016 | Published by St. Paul School

All of St. Paul’s elementary students are working hard to prepare for their performance of The Loaned Manger, a Wild West celebration of Jesus, at St. Paul's Christmas Program on December 15. 

Music teacher, Hayley Ziebart, who has been teaching the students the songs for the musical production, says this about teaching music to children: “Every day that I am privileged enough to guide, excite, and inspire a student to want music in their life is an honor. Coming to St. Paul is just one more of those days--outside of my studio--where I get to come 'play' and laugh and soak in all that music has to offer all of us. Whether we are dancing goofily to learn about musical articulations, playing with our rhythm sticks to learn about rhythmic patterns and sequences, or crunching our Christmas music for the upcoming program, sharing in the joy that is music is hardly work.” 

When asked why music education is important, Mrs. Ziebart said she is continually inspired by this quote of her own: “Besides being an outlet for creative potential, self expression, and individual uniqueness, music is one of the most important manifestations of our earthly heritage. Music gives us a way to communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings without even saying a word. Our desire to embrace music during life's most significant moments is purely a testimony of how powerful and profound a symbol it really is. Therefore, the ONLY thing more fulfilling than studying or performing music, is teaching it.”

Each elementary class spends time learning with Mrs. Ziebart every week because St. Paul values music education!