top reasons to choose st. Paul School

  1. SAFETY - The most important responsibility we have at St. Paul is to keep your children safe. WE ARE A LOCKED/SECURE CAMPUS. The police in our area have been very impressed with our security. They have recommended to other schools that they follow similar protocol as our school and they see us as a model for school safety in our city. 
  2. FOCUS ON THE GRACE OF JESUS - While some institutions are heavy on the rules and promoting mechanical behavior from children, we believe in shepherding their hearts with the grace of Jesus Christ. It is the unconditional, sheer grace of Jesus Christ that enters their hearts and causes them to want to do what is right out of love for God rather than fear of punishment. 
  3. ACADEMIC VARIETY - Children are able to discover their individual gifts by exposure to a variety of programs and activities. St. Paul has a large library and computer lab; new Smart Boards and special programs such as “Artist in Residence,” where St. Paul hosts a talented local artist for several weeks to provide a unique art experience for our students. 
  4. SMALL CLASSROOMS - At St. Paul, your child's class consists of no more than 10 students and will receive much more personal attention. 
  5. CULTURE OF LOVE & FAMILY ATMOSPHERE - Our loving Christian atmosphere cares for each child individually. There is a big focus in the classroom and at recess on loving each other. Bullying, inappropriate conversations, and profanity are addressed and not tolerated. Due to our small classrooms and the love given by our staff, our school feels like a family to many of our parents. 
  6. THE PRESENCE OF GOD - We believe that God is our Creator and therefore He is the source of our knowledge, and our identity. Thankfully, we are free to pray in classrooms and talk about Jesus.
  7. CULTURE OF HUMILITY - While some institutions that have a major focus on rules produce a culture of elitism, our school is focused on the grace and love of Jesus which produces a culture of humility, not judgement. 
  8. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - We believe strongly in personal responsibility and accountability. These are virtues that will carry your child through the rest of life. It is essential that they start their lives with a strong foundation. We believe that children rise to the expectations that you set for them.