is your child ready for full-day kindergarten?

Some children are not ready for full-day Kindergarten in which case St. Paul's half-day program is a great option!

Why would a child not be ready for full-time public school kindergarten? If this is your child's first experience in a group setting without you present, your promise to return before lunch is much easier for an anxious child (and parent) to understand than return being more than three hours after lunch. It is easier for children to retain what they have learned if they are fresh and eager, more than likely during their morning hours.

How would a parent know? Is your child still napping now or does he or she tire easily in the afternoon? The child may not be physically ready for a long day without an individual rest period.

What are the benefits of half-day Kindergarten at St. Paul? Shorter class times translate to fewer transitions, the hardest part of any group learning experience. Parents are said to be a child's first and foremost teacher. If your schedule allows for you to be with your child, afternoons spent with you will be priceless. St. Paul's half-day option will more than prepare your child for first grade.

There is definitely a monetary attraction to public school that is free. But, what are parents sacrificing? Smaller class sizes of 15 or less students per teacher allow much more individualized instruction time. St. Paul offers a safe, Christian environment where your child will be loved and cared for as well as academically prepared for their future.

If your child is struggling with any of their Kindergarten readiness skills (please see the link below), they will be afforded the chance to catch up before entering first grade. It's been proven that children entering public schools with skills below the other children will have a really hard time ever catching up.

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